Sunday Service

Worship and Word of God are an integral part of Christian life and hence we dedicate the majority of service time to it. Our Sunday service consists of worship, prayer, testimony, and relevant & challenging messages. We have a service in both English and Malayalam Language.

Sunday School

Learning the Word of God is essential at Victory AG. Therefore, we have an hour of learning time on Sunday Mornings for everyone (youngest to the oldest) to secure themselves in the Word of God so that each one will be prepared for the challenging situations in life.

Men’s Fellowship & Women’s Fellowship

We understand that many of us need our own group to express ourselves comfortably. These once-a-month group meetings give an opportunity to share, care, and learn from each other through vibrant discussions on current secular issues in light of Word of God along with other spiritual enhancement activities. Women’s Fellowship

Children’s Church

“Children are the Gift of God” and we believe they need special attention in their upbringing; therefore, we have dedicated staffs who slip into ‘children’s word’ to teach them the Word of God through the way they want to be taught.

Fasting Prayer

Throughout Old Testament and New testament, fasting and praying has a significant place in individual’s and church’s life. Apart from the 7-days and 21-days fasting prayer, we hold fasting prayer on every first Saturday of the month. This gives an opportunity for those who want to spend time with Lord in fasting and prayer.

Youth Ministry

Youths are the backbone of our church and torchbearers for generations to come. We make opportunities for each one to excel in their Lord given capabilities. IGNITE, a youth revival meeting, 7-days/21-days Youth-Fast, and VBS, are some of the youth services we have.

Outreach Ministry

  1. Jail ministry


  1. Mission trip
  2. Sponsors
  3. School